Will silence help people listen in the fight against racism?  As a stand up comedian the most horrifying and nerve-racking aspect of performing is the experience of an audience not listening. Comedians call it “dying on stage” but, trust me, it's much worse than that. My strategy to counter this humiliation comes from school. Some of my more intimidating teachers, when trying to get me and my unruly classmates to pay attention, would often just stand still and say nothing. A chill would descend on the room, and after a few moments, recalcitrant teens would reluctantly simmer down. It hasn’t always worked for me as a comedian, standing still and saying nothing, but on occasion a crowd has quietened down, especially if I employ a stern frown and a look of stoic indignation. Standing still and saying nothing. Could the recent social media black out be considered as similar to this well worn educational strategy? We, the social media users, go quiet, for four days, with patience and st